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Social Studies
Religious Studies

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JudaismFollowers: Holy Book:

Descrie images used.

Describe images used in Glog.

Include a description of the image.

Some Sources:

Due: December 11th, 2012

House of Worship: Name a picture of Jewish houses of worship.

Image description

Central Teachings and Beliefs:•What are the most important teachings and beliefs of the Jewish faith?

OriginsHere you would briefly summarize the beginnings of the Jewish religion. Who were the early prophets/teachers, where did the religion originate, which religious figures are most important, etc.

Holidays and Holy Days:• List and describe each of the major holidays or holy days of the Jewish religion. • Include a picture below.

Additional things to include:• Here you might include any other important information you discovered about your religion. Important ceremonies, special dress, worship leaders, etc. might all be included here.

Holy Cities/Places:• Include the name and a brief description of Jewish holy cities or places. • A picture should also be included.

Traditions:• What are the important religious traditions of followers of the Jewish faith?Be sure to include a name, description, and photograph.

Describe image above.

Important religious figure? An illustration might also be included.

Relligious symbol(s): What symbol represents this religion? Include any necessary details and a picture.



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