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Judaism (by teddybear2198)


Judaism was not restricted to a certain social class- all social classes could practice it in the same way. Judaism gave people answers to unanwserable questions: life, and death.

the torah is the Bible of the Hebrew People

Abraham was the Father of the Hebrews. God told him to move to Canaan. Descendants traveled to and settled in Egypt.

Egyptian pharaoh did not like so many Hebrews, Declared that all male Hebrews born shall be killed.

Moses was born a Hebrew, but was hidden than found by the princess. She adopted him. When he was much older, he led to Hebrew out of Egypt. He climbed Mount Sinai, prayed with God, and came back with the 10 Commandments, new laws for Judaism.

the people wandered desert for 40 years, returned to Canaan, spilt into 12 tribes.

12 tribes didn't get along with the Palestine, Palestine kept attacking, only one large tribe left-- Tribe of Judah, Jeews, Hebrew--Judaism.

Monotheistic Religion, meaning they believe in one god. The Jewish religion begain around 4,000 years ago in Rome.

•Worship no other God but me. •Do not make images to worship. •Do not misuse the name of God. •Observe the Sabbath Day (Saturday). Keep it Holy. •Honor and respect your father and mother. •Do not murder. •Do not commit adultery. •Do not steal. •Do not accuse anyone falsely. Do not tell lies about other people. • Do not envy other's possessions.

It differs from Christianity in the way that Jewish people are still awaiting the arrival of the Messiah.



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