Judaism (by okaykak)

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Judaism (by okaykak)


Geographic Orgins- Judaism began in Israel(Middle East) in 1029 B.C.

Thesim- Judaism is a Mono-Thestic religion because when Moses recieved the 10 commandments the first law was from God was you shall not have no other God besides me.

Abraham lived in Ur in about 1800 B.C. According to the Torah God told him to leavr Ur and go to Canaan. Abraham believed if he went to Canaan the land would belong to his desandants because it was promised to him by God. With his family, Abraham settled in Canaan.

Sacred Texts- Sacred texts of Judaism is the Torah and the Hebrew Bible.

Teachings- 10 Commandments-The basis for laws of Israelites.



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