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Jewish people pray three times a day seven days a week. Saturday is when they spend the whole day in the Synagogue

National Museum of Jewish History

Jews Believe that all jewish people are connected with each other, everyone is equal in the eyes of god, and god created all living things.

The different sects in Judaism vary a significant amount. The three main branches are Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox.

Question A: Practices, rituals, and key beliefs bring Jewsih people together to share common expriences with pray or communion.Jews believe in eating only Kosher foods, this means they don't eat with just anyone. Their diet reminds them constantly that they are Jewish. Question B: Origins are like the roots of a religion they reinforce the importance of Judaism because there are sets of rules in which the followers have to follow.It traces its roots back to 1300 B.C. and the person of Abraham. Question C: Judaism has had many conflicts in its history but the one I feel is the most importance is the conflict Judaism has with Christiantity. Christians believe Jewish people killed God.

Jewish Kippah

Torah Scroll

The Jews believe in one ethical God who created the universe. This god is known as "YahWeh"

Abraham founded Judaism



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