[2014] AbdullahG1: Judaism

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[2014] AbdullahG1: Judaism

Big Rituals*Birth and Naming Ceremonies*Brit Milah: Circumcision*Redemption of the Firstborn*Coming of Age: Bar and Bat Mitzvah*Jewish Marriage Traditions*Divorce in Judaism*Death Rituals and the Chevra Kaddisha*Mourning*Hanukkah


One of the oldest religions in the world today.

Basic Beliefs*God Alone is the Creator.*God is Unique and One.*God is Incorporeal and Incomparable.*God is First and Last.*We are to Pray to God Alone.*The Words of the (Hebrew) Prophets are true.*Moses is the Chief Prophet.*The Torah has been divinely Preserved.* Torah Cannot be Changed*God knows All Things.*God Rewards the Righteous.*The Messiah will Come.*The Dead will be Resurrescted.

Practices*The Mitzvot*The 613 Commandments*Rabbinic Law*The Synagogue*Jewish Worship and Prayer*Keeping Kosher: Jewish Dietary Laws


Quotes*“If we were forced to choose just one, there would be no way to deny that Judaism is the most important intellectual development in human history.”- David Gelernter, Yale University Professor*“Mankind, East and West, Christian and Muslim, accepted the Jewish conviction that there is only one G-d. Today it is polytheism that is so difficult to understand, that is so unthinkable.”- T.R. Grover, The Ancient World, p. 186*“Yes I am, I am also a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist, and a Jew.” - Mahatma Gandhi



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