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First of all it takes away the nature thing by adding the human touch.

Making trails in Yosemite is bad.

Third of all it hurts the enviorment like the sequoia that you can drive threw that hurts the poor tree.

Second of all it ruins the dirt.

Who should be concerned?I think that the park rangers should be concerned. Since they are the ones that are suppost the parks.What is being done to help?Nothing.The worst thing is that nothing is being done to help. No one cares. Some people don't even know.What shall be done to fix this issue?To tell the rangers to stop making trails. To tell other people about it too.How long before this issue is resolved?It could take a couple years maybe more. You just have to tell people. People have to know. And they have to stop making them. Who is involved in the solution?Nobody.Why do you feel this issue is important enough to be addressed?Well when you make trails you destroy what is there. You also see human made things so that kind of ruins the outdoor feeling.

By Juan Carlos Brito

Making trails in Natinal Parks are bad.


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