[2015] Shaun Harris: Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo by Shaun Harris

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[2015] Shaun Harris: Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo by Shaun Harris

Date of Birth and SponsorerJuan Cabrillo as born in about 1500. Juan might of been born in Portuguese, Spain or somewhere to make him Spanish. He died of a broken leg while fighting Natives. The people that sponsored was Portuguese, Spain his home country.I found it interesteing that nobody knows for sure where he was born.

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo Great EXPLORER

Why California is ImportantCalifornia is important because California has became a very important state to the U.S. history. Like the Gold Rush happened in 1848 to 1849. I found it interesting that California became such a big state even know he was tring to pass through the North Passage.

Discoveries and GoalsJuan's first goal was to go through the Northwest Passage. He tried to do just that. He ended up finding the north side of California. I found it interesting that his plan changed that much.

This is one of the Chumash Natives. The Chumash Indains are the Indians that made Cabrillo fall of a cliff and break his leg. That broken leg got infected and died of a broken leg.

He was born in Spain 1500

He started his voyage 1542

He died of a broken leg 1543

He had an idea to explore 1530

He put down his first Spain flag 1542

5 Interesting Facts1. Nobody knows where he was born for sure.2. Nobody knows when he was born for sure.3. He married a woman named Beatriz Sanchez.4. Cabrillo means "little goat," which was also his nickname.5. He also signed his papers as "Juan Rodz."



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