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Juan Ponce de Leon

Great EXPLORER Juan Ponce de leon

Early LifeI was born in 1460. My family and I grew up in Spain. My family was noble and my parents educated me. After I became a page in royal court. then I left to become a soldier. Also I am a conquistador. A few years after my voyage I married a woman named Leonora and had 3 children. I was sponsered by Spain.

I had a spirit for adventure and that spirit led me, To sail with Columbus on his second voyage. I left off to the New World in 1493 in search for riches, specifically to find gold and the Fountian of Youth. A few months later I found the island of Hispaniola, the land which I named Florida after the Spanish word for flower, and the island of Bimini. I set off to explore the land of Florida and found wild flowers, palm trees and beautiful birds, Later I started a settlement there in Florida. In 1508 he found gold in Puterto Rico.


LegacyI demanded food and gold from the Native Americans. Also the goverment gave me many Native slaves. When Taino and other people of the New World didn't obey, the Spanish killed them. I died in 1521 in Havana Cuba from a poison arrow. My jorney was a partial success because I found gold but no Fountain of Youth.1. http://edu.symbaloo.com/mix/explorers242. ww.biography.com/people/juan-ponce-de-león-9444105


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