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Juan Ponce de Leon

Expiditions-He joined columbus on his second expidition- 1500 he had went off on his own, with many soldiers finding Hisponiola (modern day Haiti and Dominicam republic)- he established the island colony and made settlements-he was also sent soon afterward to an island, returnning a year later

Education-he was a page at the Cort of Argon, 1460-learned social skills, religion, and military tactics

Adult Hood- he became a Spanish Conquistador- he had led many expeditions, and took part in fighting as a soldier.

Childhood- Born in Satera's de Campes, Spain- his family was really poor, but noble

Juan Ponce de Leon

Extra- he married on his first few expiditions to a women named Leinara and had three children soon after

Ponce De Leon is a charcter from homestuck as well! and is an animal, parent of another character

More...back in puerto Rico, caribs, neighbors of them, raided and burnt settlements, Leon's family nearly died

Epeditions- he discovered a carribean island named bamini and demanded to be govoner of land for further land- he led one soon after taking soldiers that filled 200 ships and went to north america, finding Florida

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More...He governed Florida and Bimini, and did another expidition of the rest of florida before cutting off from spain once hearing King ferdinand

He was attacked on his last expidition of florida, from an attack. he went back to cuba, and settled, dying, July 1521


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