Juan Ponce de Leon

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Juan Ponce de Leon

Origans:From: Santeras de Campos, SpainEploration years: about 1460-1521 He Explored for CHristofer Columbas,s second ExpaditionHE was Searching for The Fountain of Youth


Juan Poce de Leon lft on April ,8th 1513 up the Gulf Stream that he discovered. When he came back,a fight broke out between the Native Americans.He left and came back in 1521 with 200 men but were met by Native Americans and many Solidiers were wounded by arows and later de Leon died.

Juan Ponce de LeoNBY: Morgan Rolfs and Harrison Chojnowski p.7


Juan Ponce de Leon

Finding New Land

The New Govener


1511 - Removed from office1513_Finding new landAPril 18 1513_ Fight with the Natives


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Juan Ponce de Leon was the governer of the Demincan provice of Higuey. He heard of gold in now Puerto Rico conquering it brutaly claiming it for Spain and was appionted Govener. But his brutality to the Native American got him removed from office in 1511

Juan Ponce de Leon sailed from Puerto Ricoon March 3, 1513to find the fountain of youth, with 3 ships the Santa Maria, the Santiago, and the San Cristobal with about 200 men and claims Florida for Spain in April 1513

Fight with the Natives

He incountered the Native Americans than Died in battle when he fought them


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