Juan Ponce De Leo`n

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Juan Ponce De Leo`n

While he was searching for the mythical fountain of youth, he founded the oldest settlement in Puerto Rico and discovered Florida. The time he was traveling was in 1513. The purpose for his expeditions was to find gold because people were hearing that there was gold to be found in Puerto Rico, and in 1508 he was sent by the Spanish Crown to explore the island. The results of the expedition was that he found Florida instead of the Mythical Fountain of Youth that he was supposed to find. Also the expedition was a great success and he was instructed to continue the settlement of the island and to step-up on his gold mining efforts. The importance of his discovery is that he founded and named the state Florida. That is now part of the United States. He was also the first governor of Puerto Rico.

Fun Facts: Also around the time he was traveling he learned that an island named Bimini in the Caribbean. People thought there was a magical waters that could rejuvenate those who drank from it. It was called the [The fountain of Youth].

This is a pichure of his ship.

Fun Facts: In 1521 Juan Ponce De Leo`n sailed again for Florida with two ships and 200 men. This time he was badly wounded by an arrow during an Indian attack, but after he and his colonists sailed to Cuba, where he soon died of the wound.

Juan Ponce De Leo'n


Third Fun Fact: When he came back to Hispaniola from his expedition, having found much gold. But they were running short of supplies. He also became the first govener of Puerto Rico.

He was born in 1460 in Spain, and he was part of a noble family and when he was older he be came a soldier and he was fighting ageainst the Moors in Granada. After the war he begain a exploration career of Chistopher Clombos second expedition to the "New World."

His Early Life

His life of an explorer


1513- When he started traveling by himself. 1493- Is when he was on Christopher Columbus's second expedition.


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