Juan Ponce de Leon

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Juan Ponce de Leon

Great Florida Explporer

Born in San Seravas, Spain (1460- 1521)His education was infighting skills, manners, and religion. Juan Ponce de Leon survived through disease, bad weather, and shortages of food and water on his many voyages. He helped colonize the new lands by forcing the Indians into slavery. The legendary and mythical "Fountain of Youth" was a story told by the Native Indians. This story later had Juan Ponce de Leon in search for what was believed to be magical waters.

Juan Ponce de Leon

About Him:

He conquered the island of Puerto Rico. Exploring the coastline of FLorida, which he claimed for the Spanish Crown. It was said that one of his main reasonings behind his travels was to find the "Fountain of Youth."Juan Ponce de Leon discovered the Bahama Channel. He also spotted several small isslands that he named the Tortugas.

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