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Juan Ponce de Leon

Jaun Ponce De Leon

Early LifeI was born in 1460 in Sateveras, Spain. I was a part of a very noble family. I became a soldier when I was about 33 years old. I salied with Christopher Columbus on his 2nd voyage in 1493. I was an explorer and fighter from an early age. I helped fight the Muslims south of Spain.bcbdb jnbvfjbvbbrbhbbv

On my ride I wanted to find gold and the natives to obey me and my crew members. We were looking for the Fountain of Youth. When we reached an island we saw natives that we wanted to obey us but they refused to so we killed some of them . We went to war and shortly thereafter that they agreed to be our slaves. I became their lieutenant governor.


What I FoundIn late March of 1513, my ship landed in Florida's east coast NEAR St. Augustine I had no idea where I was so I claimed the land for Spain

Instresting FactI deid when I was 61 years old in July 1521My exploration was from1513-1514 so I was exploring for a year.

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