[2015] Brittany Kasprick: Juan Ponce de Leon

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[2015] Brittany Kasprick: Juan Ponce de Leon


The Expedition of Juan Ponce de Leon of 1513

In 1504 Juan Ponce was named provincial governor of the eastern part of Hispanola. Afer hearing reports of gold in Puerto Rico, he ws sent to explore the land. He returned a year later with a numerous amount of gold and because of his successful trip, he was named governor of Puerto Rico. Juan Ponce de Leon was able to establisha successful settlement with the use of many slaves for labor.

Biography of Juan Ponce de Leon


Juan Ponce de Leon is remebered for a few reasons. He is remembered for building a small financial empire that helped advance Spanish colonization in the Caribbean. He is remebered for treating the native people under his control better then most of the other conquistadors. Even though there are no records of him searching for it, Juan Ponce de Leon will always be associated with the Fountain of Youth. He has also been credited with "discovering" Florida.


Juan Ponce de Leon



Juan Ponce was born into a poor yet noble family in Spain in the year of 1460. He learned social skills, religion, and military tatics which led him to become a soldier. However he sought fame and fortune so he joined Christopher Columbus's second expedition in 1493. He used the tatics he learned to control the naticve people of the Carribean

Encouraged by the King in 1512, Juan Ponce de Leon went to search for new lands. While searching for new land he learned that an island called Bimi was reumored to have the Fountain of Youth. The spring was said to be in the Garden of Eden. This quest was said to only be associted wuth Juan Ponce de Leon after his death.In March 1513, he led an expedition of three ships and 200 men from Bimi to Puerto Rico. In about a month him and his mean were able to land on the east coast of Florida.Juan Ponce was unaware that he had landed on the mainland of North America.

In 1514 he retured to Puerto Rico. Upon returning he reported on the discoveries he made and he was named military governor of Bimi and Florida. This gave him the power to colonize these regions and to organize a small army to subdue an uprising on Puerto Rico. In May of 1515 he left with a small fleet. There is said to be small military enagement, but there is no clear outcome. In 1521 he left for a second exploration of Florida. While there he was attacked by Calusa warriors. Juan Ponce de Leon ended up getting wounded during the confrontation by a posion arrow to his thigh. He ednded up dying on the expedtion back to Cuba in 1521

Puerto Rico


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