[2014] Elijah Nolte (5th Grade Reading, 5th Grade Science): Juan Ponce de Leon

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[2014] Elijah Nolte (5th Grade Reading, 5th Grade Science): Juan Ponce de Leon

1. Ponce descovered Florida. He descovered Florida on April 2 1513.2. He was governorof Puerto Rico and the dominican republic3. He died in July of 1521 in Havana, Cuba4. He was only 4 feet and 11 inches tall.5. He had 4 children. 1 boy and 3 girls. Their names were Luis, Isabel, Juana, and Maria.6. He discovered a current in the Atlantic ocean called The Gulf Stream.7. On his last trip to Florida he got shot with one of the Native Americans arrows. Later he died of that wound in Cuba.

My video is about Ponces wor with the Native Americans.


Jaun Ponce de LeonExplorers Name

Important Events


1. Ponce de Leon was born in 1474 in the town of Santervas De Compos Valladolid Spain.2. In 1493 he joined Columbus in the 2nd voyage to the Indies.3. In 1509 he was confirmed governor of Pueto Rico.4. In 1514 Ponce rturned from his voyage.5. In 1521 Ponce abanded his settlement because he had a very bad wound.6. A couple of months later he died of his wound.7. Later in the 1500s his remains were moved to San Juan Puerto. They are still in the Cathedral of San Juan.


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