Juan Ponce de Leon

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Juan Ponce de Leon

Juan ponce de leon was the first european to step foot on Puerto Rico and later was named govener. He established the oldest european setlement. This was between 1460 and 1521. It is not known the exact year. Early in 1513 he prepared three ships, two caravels, the "Santiago" and the "Santa Maria de la Consolación, and a bergantina, the "San Cristóbal", at his own expense, to undertake the journey. In 1513 from March to October he explored all over florida and some of the bahamas

The Fountain of Youth

1474 - Born in Santervás De Campos, Valladolid Province, Spain1493 - At age 19, joined Columbus' second voyage to the Indies1513 - Explored many places including Puerto Rico and Florida1521 - Died from an infected wond

The myth is that Ponce de Leon discovered florida while looking for the fountain of youth. That is a myth however and it is more likley for him to have been looking for florida or other lands in genarel. Spanish sources asserted that the Taino Indians of the Caribbean also spoke of a magic fountain and rejuvenating river that existed somewhere north of Cuba. These rumors conceivably reached the ears of Ponce de León. After helping to brutally crush a Taino rebellion on Hispaniola in 1504, Ponce de León was granted a provincial governorship and hundreds of acres of land. Although he may have claimed to know certain “secrets,” Ponce de León likewise never brought up the fountain in his known correspondence with Ferdinand. Historians began linking Ponce de León with the Fountain of Youth not long after his death. Word some how got out to his home in spain that he found the fountain of youth even though he probly never did and it was mis understood.

Fun Fact

April 8th is Juan Ponce de Leon day! Make sure to celebrate next april 8th.


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Juan Ponce de Leon

His Travles


By: Susan BelmonteandLeo Davidson


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