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Juan Martinez :)

chapter 1 Odysseus Lands In Phaecia2."for 10 years the trojans fought bravely to save their city"2."calypso had no choice but to set him free"

chapter 2Odysseus And The Cyclops1."The Cyclopes are a race of giants that have one large, round eye placed right in the middle of their foreheads"2."Each Cyclops lives only for himself.

chapter 3Odysseus And Circe1."In time they arrived at the palace of Circe"2." But in the food Circe put a powerful drug"

chapter 4The Folly Of Odysseus's Men1."I will not keep you against your will, she said, but come with me odysseus, and i will tell you what troubles are ahead of you.2."The first danger you will meet comes from the sirens. They sit high up on the rocks singing."

chapter 5Odysseus Returns to Ithica1." You have indeed had an unhappy times, said King Alcinous. we will do everything in our power to see that you return safely to your homeland."2."Before he can return to his palaceshe must warn him of the dangers that awaited him there.


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