Juan de Onate

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Juan de Onate

Juan de Onate

He was born in Zacatecas,Mexico in 1550,Juan de Onate's request to was approved in 1595.In 1598 he crossed the Rio Grande at El Paso.There he sent small parties in all directions to search foer treasure that did not exist.

In a last attempt to recover his prestige,he led an expedition west to the Colorado River And sout to the Gulf of California,but he still found no gold.He resigned in 1607.

He married the daughter of Herman Cotes.His full name is Don Juan de Onate y Salazer.

He is the son of wealthy parents. Found guilty of crulety,immorality,and false reporting,he was exiled,colony,fined,and deprived of his titles.


Lasting Impact

Juan de Onate was the founder of first European settlements in the upper Rio Grande valley in New Mexico.


Birth & Death

Juan de Onate was born in 1550,and died in 1630.

He was a Spanish exploer that deserves to be called the founder of New Mexico.


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