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Juan de Onate

Juan De Onate

In the year of 1550,in Zacatecas, Mexico,a cute baby boy was born.I guess he was as cruel as he was when he was an older boy back then.

Onate's soldiers fought with Acoma American Indians in New Mexico.Thirteen soldiers and his nephew were killed.Onate punished the Acoma by killing 800 of them and making 500 children and women his slaves.He then ordered his men to cut off the right foot of every Acoma man over 25 years old.

Onate also treated his settlers cruelly,and his colony failed.When the king had heard about this,he ordered Onate to return to Mexico City to face charges.Onate was forbidden to return to New Mexico and had to leave Mexico City.He went back to Spain and NEVER returned to the New World.

Sadly, Juan De Onate died in Guadacanal, Spain in the year of 1626.And if it wasn't for him and all the other explorers,we wouldn't be Texas right now,we would be New Spain.



Lasting Impact

If Juan De Onate didn't travel across Texas,we might be New Spain right now.


Birth & Death

Juan De Onate was born in Zactecas Mexico in the year of 1550 and died Guadalcanal Spain in the year of 1626.

Juan De Onate's accomplishment was bringing the American Indians to Chistianity.


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