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The first electric typewriter was produced by the Blickensderfer Manufacturing Company in Stamford, Connecticut in 1902

When one of the keys were struck, the typerwriter hit a ribbion, (Usually made of ink fabric) making a printed mark (Letter or number) on the paper

Christopher Latham Sholes.The typewriter.

A typewriter is a machanical machine for writing, similar to those produced by printers.

After the invention of the typewriter, type writers quickly became tools for all writing.

The first typewriter to be comercially succesful was invented in 1868 by Christopher Sholes.

In English-speaking countries, the type writers printing fixed-width characters were standerized to print six horizontal lines per vertical inch.

In 1865 the first prototype was invented by John J. Pratts

The electric typewriter was not commershicail succesful, which was because of the electricity wasn't quite standard.

On November 2, 1878 the shift key was introduced, however because the shift key required more force to push it was difficult to hold the shift down in 1-3 continious strokes.

There were minor poblems from one manufacturer to another with keys getting stuck or locked in place.

The Qwerkywriter is hand build and is a machanical keyboard with Cherry MZ Blue switches with more modern conections such as chrome.

Modern typewriters or the "Qwerkywriter" is more up to date then most typewriters.


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