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Js Chiao

Chiao was born on September 13th,1918 in Pingshan Heibei,China. JS Chiao died on December 22nd,2009. He was the first member of his family to recieve formal education. Chiao was a microbiologist and researcher and developer of micro-organisms. Js Chiao was actually one of the leading microbiologists in the world. Chiao earned a B.Sc degree which is a bachelor of science degree.

Js ChiaoBy;Gianna Torelli

Life Obstacle

Chiao had both a a global effect and also a century effect. He improved antibiotics and hormones for gene mutations improving the 21st century. After hearing there was a lack of scientists in china after the sio-japanese war,he left his good job in Iowa to go back to China. Now, spreading his new techniques and findings to New China, this helped spread global awarness. Js Chiao created new research programs and science academies helping as a global impact.




Chiao had quite a few contributions to the science world.Mr.Chiao did a lot of microbiology research. He helped progress and apply the biotechnology field to the world. This helped fix and understand medicines along with hormones for genetic mutations.


Chiao's obstacle was having to come into America being from a different culture and not being comfortable in the new enviroment yet. Also,he was from a country with hardly any biological awareness and education.



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