[2015] Brooke Elliott: Jp Morgan

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[2015] Brooke Elliott: Jp Morgan

This is how a wind turbine works. The wind blows the rotors which makes it spin. The movement of the rotors turn a gear which turns a electrical generator. That causes it to turn in to electrical energy and than it travels to your home

1. Wind Farms 2. Transportation 3.Windmills

Jp Morgan

He was a banker and financier.

Yes Jp Morgan did have monoploy

He bought out Andrew Carnegie's company.

He pushed the US into World Power status by creating a bank and he helped bail out America.

Morgan treated workers the same as any other major company.

What made him rich?

Who did he over power to become rich?

How did he treat workers?

How did he push the United States into World Power status?

Did he have a monoploy?


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