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Devin Jones, a motherless, soon to be college sophomore is going into his first summer in college. After recently splitting up from his girlfriend which he thought was the love of his life, decided he needed a summer job to keep his mind off of his ex-girlfriend Wendy. Devin found a job in North Carolina, so he traveled from New Hampshire where he was going to college, to North Carolina to take a job at a local Amusement park called Joyland. Joyland was like any other big name amusement park except it was very small, located right next Heavens Bay. After arriving to North Carolina, Devin went to Joyland to take a tour before he would have to work there the next week. When Devin arrived he was greeted with open arms and met many interesting people. One of the people Devin did meet was Madame Fortuna. Madame Fortuna was a fortune teller, except according to one of the long time Joyland employees Lane Hardy, Madame Fortuna’s fortunes were not always correct, but there was a small portion of what she told people that actually was the truth. When Devin received his fortune it said that the girl with the black hair (ex- girlfriend Wendy Keegan) would no longer be important in his life. It also said that there was a little boy with a dog and a little girl with a red hat and a doll in his future, but little did Devin know that partially of what she was telling him would come true.

By: Stephen King


Created By: Zac McClenathan

While Working at Joyland Devin made two new friends, Erin Cook who was a beautiful girl that took the position of Hollywood Girl at Joyland (she dressed up in a tiny green dress and sold family pictures to visitors at the park). Devin’s other friend that he met was Tom, who would become Erin’s boyfriend later that summer before they left. Devin a month or so into his job found his calling. Devin's calling was to dress up in Joyland's most famous mascot Howie the Hound Dog and do the Hokie Poky with the little kids. This costume led him to meet the little girl with her red hat and a doll in her hand. While Howie was doing the Hocky Pokey for all the kids, this little girl choked on a piece of chili dog, and luckily for Devin he took a CPR class in highschool, so he was able to save the little girl, which brought major publicity to Joyland, and also got Devin a raise.

It was the end of the summer, and work was coming to a close. Tom and Erin were going back to school but Devin decided that he did not want to go back to school and be in class with his ex- girlfriend, so he was working the fall and winter days at the park as well. Although Devin was not alone once he got off of work though. Devin had met a boy in a wheel chair witha life expectancy of 20 and his possesive mother who had a dark past of partying and drinking, which got her "kicked out of the family" by her extremely relegious father. As Devin grew closer to the family he and the mother Annie began to fall in love but they didnt want Mike to know. So, as fall began and the park closed down. Devin worked long hours everyday and the spent some time with Mike and Annie. While working that fall Mike was able to save a Joyland employee who was having a heart attack by doing CPR and was able to save his life. The one weekend Devin had off after that he had arranged for Erin to come back to Joyland with Tom becuase Erin had been doing research on the muderer of the girl in the haunted house. Erin came to beleive that the man who killed the girl in the haunted house was a serial killer and had done this many times before. When Erin and Tom left Devin tried to put all of the information together but just couldn't quite figure it out. Accept that day was a special day becuare one of Mike's wishes was to go to Joyland so Devin set up a day where Mike had the park all to himself and could go what ever ride he wanted. After the day was over Mike and Annie said goodbye to Devin and left each other until the next day. That night Devin could not sleep , so he put the light on in the lounge of the renters complex and staired at the photos until he figured out who it was, but right as he figured it out, the phone wrang and it was Lane Hardy, the killer. Lane sadi that Devin had four minutes to meet him at Joyland or he would kill Annie and Mike in their sleep. So Devin complied and met lane at Joyland where in the stormy weather, Lane took Devin up at gunpoint to the top of the ferris wheel and right before Devin was about to get shot by Lane, Annie shot Lane and saved Devin's life. Little did Devin know that Annie was a professional 3- gun shooter that was almost one of the top ranked shooters in the nation before she got in trouble. After Lane was shot and Joyland closed, it shut down for good becuase that spring the owner of the amusement park died and Joylamd was no more. Devin moved on to find the love of his life when he went back to college except, the book ends when Devin get a phone call from Annie saying that Mike had died and that he would have wanted Devin at the funeral.

A couple weeks had gone by since the girl choked at the amusment park and Devin, Erin, and Tom had herd a rumor that the Haunted house ride that Joyland had was inhabited by a female ghost that was killed in it while going on a date with her newly met boyfriend. The story is that the man who killed her was never found becuase he did it at the darkest part of the ride, and had a pair of gloves and an extra t-shirt on so when ke stabbed her, he could dispose of the evidence. The police never found out who the man was because in all the pictures there was of the couple, he had a hat and sunglasses on. So on their day off Devin, Erin, and Tom go into the haunted house looking to see if they could spot the ghost anyhwere. When the ride ended, Devin and Erin were laughing, but Tom was changed forever. Tom saw the ghost with a blue headband, which was the color headband the girl wsa wearing when she died. After that day Devin and Erin were determined to figure out who the killer was.


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