Joy- Solar System

by jessibelle123
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Joy- Solar System

Joy is 698 billion miles long, and weighs 100 billion pounds (1.3x10 to the 15th power kilograms).

My planet is called "Joy''

The tides will be higher-more extreme- when the full moon is out.

We have a prograde (clockwise) rotation.

We will have moutains and ridges for our landform.

We have two oceans, and three lakes.

We will have a moon, that will show up every night.

My planet will have plant tectonics that when shaken, or disturbed it will harm homes,or other things on Joy.

We will have o- oxygen, n- nitrogen, and h- hydrogen.

Our natural resources are... fresh water, clean air, and trees.

Our planet will have cats,dogs,monkies, and horses

Some days are cold and some are hot,which we have 2 seasons-- spring and fall. In spring its hot and cold. Fall- Dry and cool, sometimes cold.

We will have trees,plants, and flowers as our vegetation.

The rotation of Joy around the sun will cause my seasons.

My planet will be made up of water but mostly cocunut.

You can become anything you want to on my planet(:

We will have diffrent jewels and clothing than earth. We will also have floating cars!

We worship God.

Our population is about one billion people, and there will be people already on this bundle of joy.



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