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About the AuthorMegan BlakemoreFacts: She worked on the Water Castle for five years. She lives in Maine as a middle school librarain.Books she Wrote:Secrets of Truth&BeautySpy Cathers of Maple Hill(working progess)

Favorite SceneI like the scene where Ephraim A., Mallory D. & Will W. were playing together. Because along time ago the Darlings worked for the Appledores and the Wylies were at "war" with the Appledores. So it was cool to see the three freinds years later. This part was near the end of the book.

Setting: The Appledore-Smith family lives in the Water Castle of Crystal Springs, Maine. The Water Castle had ivy dripping down the walls with stone outcropping.

Favorite QuoteMy favorite quote is on page 299 when Will got hurt."No one calls the ambulance in Crystal Springs," said Mallory."Don't tell me they heal themselves magcialy!" Price joked

EphraimEphraim was a adventurest medium size boy who wanted to help his father who had a stroke.

Book ReviewI think that the Water Castle should get the Mock Newberry award. Because it has good language! For example Ephraim described the Water Castle on pg.9 ‘Ivy ran up the walls of the building and dripped down over the doorway, a round stone outcropping that protected the wooden door.’ Wow! I also think that the flashbacks help the story flow better. For instant I could infer that Nora was in Mallory’s family later in book and that Nora was the girl in the old picture. This why I think it should earn the award!

The Water Castle

MalloryMallory was a lonely girl who lives in Crystal Spring with her dad and is friends with Will and Ephraim.




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