Journey to the Center of the Earth

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Journey to the Center of the Earth

Alex Alex is Otto lidenbrocs son in law. he is scared of hights and has a very non adventure type personality.OttoOtto is Alexs father in law he is very adventurest. He is a university teacher.HonzHonz is from Iceland, he only speaks Icelandic . He is a guide for Alex and Otto. He is big and strong and is a good use to Alex and Otto.


Otto Lidenbroc finds a three hundred year old paper that has been in a book. It is in a special launguage that Otto and his son in law Alex figure out. They head to Iceland to start their journey into the biggest hole that heads into the center of the earth. They get a guide whose name is Honz. He cannot speak english. He speaks icelandic. They are doing great until they run out of water. Honz leaves and finds water in a tunnel. They then follow this stream deeper and deeper into the center of the earth. One day Honz comes back and says he found a ocean. They run and they find a big ocean and they build a raft and go on the mysterious sea. While they were fishing they find lots of extinct fish and then get stuck in a big storm. They get pulled into a volcano in Stromboli and then get shot out out of it. They land safely in Stromboli and return home to win big awards.


It is in Scotland, Iceland, Stromboli and the center of the earth. It is in tunnels, big open holes,big gold mines and diamonds caves. It is also in Professer Otto lidenbrocs office.

Journey to the center of the earth

Main characters


I would rate this book a 9/10 because it has scientific use to tell you about earths resources. I would recomend reading this book.


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