journey to center

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journey to center

The mysterious journey of an uncle and his nephew traveling to the center of the earth is amazing. They overcome many obstacles to a mystical end.


1 cup of bravery1 milligram of perserverance5 cups of persuasion3 cups of fear2 tablespoons of intelligenceA pinch of strengthA gram of ethical ideas10 kilograms of adventureCombine all this together to get Axel

A battle of the beasts,Large and explosive,A serpent like snake of today zooms out of the water,A crocodile fit for crunching the objects in its way jumps out the water,Each of them clawing at he other trying to win,No beast was taking defeat, The serpent tall and mighty swallowed both of them into the deep darks of the sea,The battle continued for both were trying to grasp breath,At the end both spiraled up into the air, and dived into the sea like the battle was over.

The setting takes places in an area of chaos.Volcanos spurt out and their are very large waterways. Prehistoric animals freely roam around. This all is taking place inside the earth.

A Journey to the Center of the Earth

By Parth Patel


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