Journalism Project

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Journalism Project

News Article Checklist• Headline• Byline• Location• Lead+ State the date or time the incident happened/will happen.+ State who or what is affected by the incident.+ Write a description of the place where this event takes place.+ Explain in short detail what happened.+ Include any known causes for the event.+ Briefly explain how the event happened/will happen.+ List the names of any other people or events directly affected the incident.+ After the drafting the lead, check to make sure you have answered the 5W-1Hquestions.• Supporting Paragraphs (Include any of the following information)+ Quotes+ Witness accounts+ Supporting details+ Description of the possible effects on the public• Photos + Accompany your article with a photograph, compose a captionthat explains the relationship of the photograph to your article.

Journalism Project


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