Josie After the Shooting

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Josie After the Shooting

"But instead, Josie fell in front of the toilet and spit the pills out. She emptied the rest of the pills, still clutched in her fist. She flushed before she could think twice" (page 114).

"Suddenly a rusted Dodge Dart ran the light at the head of Main Street, backfiring as it sped away. 'Idiot,' Alex muttered, 'I should get his plate number...' She broke off when she realized Josie had vanished. 'Josie!' Then Alex saw her daughter, pressed against the sidewalk, where she'd flattened herself. Her face was white, her body trembling" (page 171).

"Josie no longer sat with her friends in the cafeteria" (page 260).

"'Why? Do you want to talk to him?''I don't know'" (page 267).

"The defense put you on their witness list. They may need you to go to court" (page 299).

"'He's my friend,' she said" (page 374).

Josie After the Shooting



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