Josiah Hanson

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Josiah Hanson

Josiah Hanson was born in June 15, 1789. He was born into slavery in Charles Country, Maryland. Josiah learned from the text that would able to change his life: "The he, by the Grace of god, should taste of death for every man" which means even a slave would be free from harm. In 1841, he escaped with his wife and his 4 children into Canada at the Niagara River. He purchased land (200 acres) in Dawn Township plus another 200 acres where his family lived. He started a self supporting colony where blacks could live and study.

This picture shows Josiah have escaped to Canada and made a settlement in Dawn Township (The Dawn Settlement).

In his professional life was an author, abolitionist, and a Methodist preacher. Abolitionist means a person who is willing to help slaves to escape or assist escaped slaves. He helped 118 individvals escape from slavery 1830 - 1840. He returned to United States many to help other escaped slaves to reach Canada.

His autobiography called The life of Josiah Hanson, Formerly a Slave, Now an Inhabitant of Canada (1849) helped reseachers to understand exactly what happened in the past. Also, an expanded version of his life was written in 1858 called Truth Stranger Than Fiction. Josiah inspired other people who were willing to help black community to stand up for their rights. (Rosa Parks)


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