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Josephine Butler

Josephine ~Butler was an amazing woman and was a feminest. She had 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl and she was married to Geogre Butler who was very surportive of her belifs. They were quite a well off family, with Geogre as a teacher for universty. Then in 1863 her only daughter died and she has never quite recovred from that loss. Five years after she wrote a book 'The Education and Employment of Women.' After that she worte sevral more books about her belifs. When she was in her late 70's the suffragettes started up aggred with their ideas, but could not help much beaucse of her old age. She spent the remanider of her life nursing herher sick husband. She died of natural causes in 1906.


1828 - Her Birth.1863 - Her only Daughter died...1868 - She Wrote Her Book.1906 - Her Death

Josephine Butler did a many great things but the most things people remember her for is her books but she did other stuff to. She lead a protest against the Contagious Diseases Act and child prostidutes. She did many great things and will be remembered. She got involed wiht charity work and helped out at the workhouse to make it have better conditions.

Lasting Impact

This person has changed the world we live in for the better by helping fight against the Contagious Diseases Act and so woman arn't taken away for tests against thier wills anymore.


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Josephine Butler



After her death...


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