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Joseph was a teacher as he told others what their dreams meant and what was to come such as the baker and wine steward that he friended in prison (Good News Bible, Genesis 40:1).Joseph was a ruler as he became the ruler of Egypt and ruled the people on behalf of the King (Good News Bible, Genesis 41:41). Joseph was a hero as he provided food to the people during the 7 years of famine and then made them the kings slaves yet they were grateful as he did not let them starve (Good News Bible, Genesis 47:20).Joseph was a combination of all of the leader types.

Joseph, son of Jacob and ruler of Egypt

Joseph's strongest leadership traits were self-confidence and intelligence. His self-confidence came from being the earthly God and being able to interpret dreams and see the future: “It is God who gives the ability to interpret dreams,” Joseph said. “Tell me your dreams.” (Good News Bible, Genesis 40:8).His intelligence helped him keep his people safe by being able to predict what was to happen in the future and react with a solution (Manning and Curtis).

Positive Leadership Traits

Top Lesson

Joseph was kind and led his people into goodness and health. Do unto others as you would have them done unto you (Good News Bible, Luke 6:31)


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Josephby Amanda Trimble

Joseph - teacher, ruler, and hero of the people.

Negative Personality Traits

Joseph's constant reminder of the betrayal of his brothers hindered his ability to trust as he always had a hidden agenda to become a leader of all. Wherever he went, he was made a leader and all were to obey him (Good News Bible, Genesis). Joseph directive style made it known that all would be his way and no one was to question or suggest otherwise. For example, Joseph accused his brothers of being spies, even though he knew they were not and imprisoned them and then made them retrieve his youngest brother (Good News Bible, Genesis 42:34).


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