Joseph Stalin

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Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin

Country: Soviet Union Government: Communist Allies: USA, Great Britain, FranceEnemies: Germany, Japan, Romania

- I see Stalin as a threat to Great Britain because he switched over from over enemies side to our eyes, he could turn on us again. At the same time I feel like he wouldn't want to break a promise, so he may not go against us because he knows how it feels. Plus USSR is pretty far away from Great Britain. He also committed the Great Purge where he killed many of his own citizens. - We should be causious and check up on our new allies from time to time to make sure they aren't plotting anything. We should send some spy's out their to keep an eye on them.

Rise to Power: He was very close to the Soviet Union's previous leader Lenin. While Lenin was in exile in Switzerland he appointed Stalin to serve on the first central committee of the Bolshevik party. After Lenin died Stalin got control of the communist party and got popularity from the people. He the dictaor of the Soviet Union a few years laterEconomical Conditions: Satlin took the citizens land and distributed everything evenly. He took seized control of all property, farms, and factories.He did this so he would have total control of the economy.Government Programs Instituted : He had the 5 year plan which would help the economy get back on track. He made all farmers give up their land and have a big shared farming area. If you didn't produce enough crops you were not given food, so this cost Sobiet Union many lives. This improved the Soviet Union's industrial and agricultural output.


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