Joseph Stalin

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Joseph Stalin

Early years

Joseph Stalin Joseph News

On the eve of the start of WW2 Joseph Stalin signed a pact with Hitler which basically said they wouldn't invade each other's countries. But in 1941 Germany broke the pact and invaded the USSR. Stalin and his army was not prepared. As Germany approached Moscow Stalin had infrastructure to detriment Germany. The tide changed as the USSR won the battle of Stalingrad and drove the Germans out of Russia.

Joseph Stalin was born with another name, Josef Djugashvili. When he was in his 30's he changes his name to Stalin, which is Russian for "Man of Steel." After Lenin dies he outmaneuvered his rival Leon Trotsky and took over the Soviet Union. He transformed the country into a superpower.

The Great Purge started in 1936 and ended in 1938. This was a horrible time period for the Russian people. Anyone who was suspected of talking out against Stalin was killed this resulted in the death of about 6 million people.

Stalin and WW2

USSR Under Stalin

The Great Purge

Starting in the late 1920's Stalin launched a series of 5 plans to make the USSR an industrial superpower. His plan was based on the government controlling the economy which included taking control of farms.


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