Joseph Stalin

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Joseph Stalin

Stalin was born into poverty when he was born, this being his drive for conceded power and self cult. Stalin also at a young age became interested in Revolutionary politics. His young life also was centered on a life of criminal activities. After the death of Lenin, Stalin drove and out maneuvered all of his competition to be in control of the country.


Stalin in his dictstorship was trying to accomplish many things. One thing Stalin attempted was to try and transform the Soviet Union from a peasant Society into an Industrial and Military Superpower. Stalin began funding this long age of communism by a process known as collective agriculture to be able to manufacture his weapons needed for war.

Lasting Impact

The impact left by Joseph Stalin was that the country had to go through a de-Stalinization because of all the horrible things he did. This process consisted of a creation of many reforms removed many institutions that lead to Stalin's rise to power such as self cult, a Stalinist political system ( a system built on rapid industrialization, socialism in own country, and collective agriculture) and etc.


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Joseph Stalin


Stalin Speech

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