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Joseph Stalin (by erino27)

Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin was born December 21, 1879 in Gorri, Georgia. He was the fourth child, although his three siblings before him died. Because he was prone to bad health, his mother was very protective. With his father being a shoemaker, Stalin went through poverty as a child. At the age of seven Stalin had develped a case of smallpox which left scars on his face. Because of this, Stalin was bullied and had the nickname "pocky" as a child.

Joseph had won a scholarship to attend the Tiflis Theological Seminary. While attending school there, Stalin had joined a secret club called "Messame Dassy". The members who were involved in this group were supporters of the Georgian Independance from Russia. In May of 1899, Stalin was expelled from the Tiflis Theological Seminary for disrespecting those of authority and reading forbidden books.

After the revolution, Stalin managed to get his way into one of the most powerful communist party, the "Old Bolsheviks". After Lenins death, Stalin began to take control. He joined the Bukharin, and in this year he controlled the party and the country. In 1940, the assassination of Trotsky only left two members in the "Old Bolsheviks", Stalin and Vyacheslav Molotov.

Joseph Stalin had died on March 5, 1953 from a stroke. Shortly before he died, he accussed nine doctors of planning to kill the Soviet leadership. These doctors were arrested and tortured to try and get them to confess. These nine doctors were innocent.



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