Joseph Stalin and Totalitarism

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Joseph Stalin and Totalitarism

We live, not feeling the country beneath us,Our speech inaudible ten steps away,But where they're up to half a conversation -- They'll speak of the Kremlin mountain man.His thick fingers are fat like worms,And his words certain as pound weights.His cockroach whiskers laugh,And the tops of his boots glisten.And all around his rabble of thick-skinned leaders,He plays through services of half-people.Some whistle, some meow, some snivel,He alone merely caterwauls and prods.Like horseshoes he forges decree after decree -- Some get it in the forehead, some in the brow, some in the groin, and some in the eye.Whatever the execution -- it's a raspberry to himAnd his Georgian chest is broad.---Osip Mandelstam, We Live, Not Feeling, 1934We don't let them have ideas. Why would we let them have guns?- Joesph Stalin


1914 -Rise of Totalarism1922 - Stalin becomes General Secretary of Communiist party 1924 - Stalin gains power1935 - Stalin turns Soviet Union into a Totaliarism state1938 -End of Totalarism1953- Death of Stalin

>Stalin was one of the first leaders to promote totalitarianism.>aimed to create a perfect communist Soviet Union>built a police state to maintain his powers>The police used tank and armoured cars to stop riot>Families feared when their doors were knocked on and they soon prepared for a family member to be arrested.>Great Purge: Stalin launched this as a campaign of terror eliminating anyone who threatened his power>after the purge Stalin had complete and total control over russia - it equaled to 8 million to 13 million deaths

Lasting Impact

Stalin proved a very large lasting impact. He was considered as one of the most dangerous people in the world. He kept Lenin's empire of the Soviet Union and made his idea even worse. The Russians today still remember him some as a hero and some as an enemy.


Joesph Stalin and Totalarism



By Sukhjot,Chris, TJ

Stalin in a stamp

Joesph Stalin as a General

Stalin in the battlefield



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