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Joseph Roberge

I know that Christopher Columbus was the explorer of North America.He was an Italian Seaman. . . . . Christopher Columbus was the first explorer I knew.

Samuel de Champlain did not get credit for exploring Montreal as he did Quebec City, but people say he was the person who got to choose the place where Montreal was built. Although Samuel de Champlain is not credited to have founded the city of Montreal like he did Quebec City, he is the one that is known for having chosen the site for what would eventually become the city of Montreal

Did you know that Marco Polo was one of the most famous and one or the first explorer to go on the Silk Road to China? Marco Polo was born on September 15 1254 in the republic of Vience. He was. . .

. . .the son of Nicolo Polo, a sailsman who worked with his brother Maffeo Polo. I'm not sure why there is a game called Marco Polo. . . . It seems wierd to me.

Samuel de Champlain

Marco Polo

Christopher ColumbusChristopher ColumbusChristopher ColumbusChristopher Columbus

EXPLORERSBy: Joe Roberge.

The difference betweene Aboriginals and Explorers are Explorers usually where looking for crystals and gold when they where travleing and aborigionals just used animal meat and hide for survival.

Explorers have alot more advanced weapons like guns and metal swords.Aboriginals just have wooden spears and not very good bows. But that's all they need to survive.

Explorers brought diseases to lands where aborigionals lived. It was so bad the aboriginals almost were all gone. The explorers usually got the diseases from what they while they were at sea.

When explorers first met the aboriginals they were quite surperised. Because most of the time they were on islands that explorers thought were new. When explorers met aborigionals then learned about a new ocean, The Pacific. And many more rivers and plants.


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    Loved your sign Joe. I also love frogs. What is something that interests you especially about frogs?