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Joseph Rainey

Joseph H. Rainey was born into slavery on Juen 21st, 1832. Joseph's father was allowed to earn money as a barber on the plantation. This lead his father to purchase his families freedom in the 1840s. He then folowed his father into becoming a barber and making his network grow in the black community. In 1859, Joseph met his wife, Susan, later to get married and have three children, two daughters and one son who kept his namesake. This would the influencal mark of his politcal career.


1861- Drafted into the Civil War as a laborer on the blockade runner ships1862- Family escaped to Bermuda. 1866- Returned to U.S.A.1870- Elected to be 41st United States Black Repblican

Rainey was the first African American to be elected into the U.S House of Repersentatives. His term was from December 12, 1870, all the way up until March 3rd, 1879. He was also the second African American to be elected into the United States Congress, ( first elected was Hiram Revels )

Lasting Impact

Joseph H. Rainey made a influencal mark for black political leaders. After finishing his terms for Congress, and House of Representats, he went to buy a "summer home" in the south in 1874. This was when the volience against southern blacks were increasing. The house is now apart of the Connecticut Freedom Trail which consist of 130 stops, similar to he Underground Railroad. We will remember Joseph has a risk taker and a leader. Even though he was black and probably thought he wouldn't be elected, he had perserverance and continued to fight for freedom and civil rights long after he wasn't in office.


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Joseph H. Rainey




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