Joseph Priestly

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Joseph Priestly

Joseph Priestly

His education included Darentry Academy ( 1752-1755 ), and Bateley Grammer School

His parents were Mary Swift and Jonas Priestly. is younger brothers name was Timothy Priestly.

discovered oxygen

Born March 24,1733 in Birstay, United Kingdom

Died February 6,1804 at the age of 71

Awards were the Copley Medal

He discovered oxygen by repeating Scheele's expierements using a 12 inch wide glass " burning lens ". He foucused sunlight on a lamp of reddish mercuric oxide in an inverted glass container. The gas emitted, he found, was five or six times as good as common air. In suceeding tests it caused a flame to burn intensely and kept a mouse alive about four times as long as similar quantity of air.

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Was an 18th century English theologian

He was a Unitarian minister, teacher, author, and a natual philosopher.

1) The gas became a vital item for divers of various sorts - from civilian to military uses. 2) It became a life saving element especially in case of serious disasters, like in its use during ICU, to remove after effects after using anesthesia.3) The process of making of nascent Oxygen was found out & then flash explosives were the out come of this knowledge


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