Joseph of Egypt

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Joseph of Egypt

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Joseph of Egypt

What is a biblical Hero?The main characteristics of a hero is that of bravery, it means taking some personal risks, physically, emotionally and socially. Heroes in the Bible listen for Gods leading, no matter what might happen to them personally.

In the Hebrew Bible, the coat of many colors (Hebrew: kethoneth passim) is the name for the garment that Josephs father gave him.Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was the first Lloyd Webber and Rice musical to be performed publicly.

Historical Video Clip:The story of Josephs

Joseph is a character of the Old Testament of the Christian scriptures who teaches lessons about courage,bravery, forgiveness,faith and believe in God.GENESIS CHAPTER37-50Here Joseph was the favored child of Jacob, who was the grandson of Abraham. Josephs brothers who resented him, since their father gave Joseph attention and gifts that he did not bestow on the other brothers. Joseph's brothers sold him into slavery, and Joseph became the head of the household of a rich man, Potiphar. .

Due to false accusations by Potiphars wife, Joseph was thrown into prison for years. Eventually he was relieved, because of his ability to interpret dreams. He became the official after the Pharaoh of Egypt and stockpiled food for the country since he knew through dreams that famine would come to the land. When famine did come, people from the surrounding lands came to Egypt for food. Joseph's brothers showed up in Egypt to get food and after playing some games with them, Joseph forgave his brothers and took care of his family in Egypt

Joseph of Egypt was a biblical Hero because he chose to follow God even though he faced difficult circumstances,like betrayal from his family, slavery, hatred, temptation, unjustlyinprisonement and never expected any reward. God did reward Joseph for his righteousness by making Joseph the Hebrew slave into one of the most important officials in the land after the Pharaoh.

Gods PartGod loves all people and takes an active personal role in all lives. He instructs people in the bible by telling true life stories how people deal with eachother and with God. People can identify with characters in the stories and and what role and discovery each person has in their own lives.


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