Joseph Louis Lagrange

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Joseph Louis Lagrange


•Educated at the college of Turin. •Offered to work in the Berlin Academy •Founding member of the Royal Academy of Science of Turin

•One of the 72 names inscribed on the Eiffel Tower•The street where the house of his birth still stands is named via Lagrange•The lunar crater Lagrange also bears his name•Was BFFs with Euler (he was Euler's student)


“Before we take to sea we walk on land, Before we create we must understand.”

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• French Revolution•7 Year's War, Berlin Conflict•1st President, George Washington•Beethoven has his breathrough performance

Born: January 25 1736Died: April 10 1813

Joseph-Louis Lagrange(Giuseppe Luigi Lagrancia)

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•Lagrange's Theorem: any finite group G, the order of every subgroup H of G divides the order of G•Frst to prove that Pell's equation has a nontrivial solution in the integers for any non-square natural number n•Contributed a long series of papers which created the science of partial differential equations•He proved Wilson's theorem that n is a prime if and only if (n − 1)! + 1 is a multiple of n

•Born Giuseppe Luigi Lagrancia•Italian born, French mathmetician•Contributed to all fields of analysis, number theory, and classical and celestial mechanics•Married twice. Once to his first cousin, Vittoria Conti with no children and when she died the daughter of his colleague, Renee-Francoise-Adelaide Le Monnier


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