[2015] Michael White (Period 6): Joseph Kony

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[2015] Michael White (Period 6): Joseph Kony

Girls lost their virginity because they were sex slaves. Boys lost their innocence because they were forced to kill. Innocent people lost body parts like noses or lips because they just wanted to protect their families.

At first, the Lord's resistance army (LRA) was an army commited to serving ugandan goverment and it's goal was to make the entire country run by the 10 commandments of Moses. This was of course, until they broke every single one. This lead to the many injustices they have commited today.

Joseph Kony made over 30,000 children his slaves or soldiers. Girls were taken as sex slaves for his officers and boys as soldiers to grow his army. Not only did he murder families, mutilate people, burn homes, but he even gave some children blunt weapons and had them at gunpoint until the children brutally murdered their own families.

What injustice occurred?

Joseph Konyand the invisible children

What did the victims lose?

What lead up to this?

One of Kony's child soldiers.

Joseph Kony

Most of all children, both boys and girls, suffered in this horrible crime. Although many of the central Africans affected are children, many innocent people were mutilated, burned, or murdered trying to save their families and friends.

Who were the victims?

Joseph Kony has ruined the lives of countless families. Him and the army he has constructed out of children terrorized much of the central African population. While many of his captive children did the killing, Kony forced them. Therefore Kony is the source of the killings and other horrendous crimes.

Who are the antagonists?


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