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Joseph Henry

Joseph faced a rather rough childhood, as his parents were poor, his father dying in his youth. He lived in New Youk with his grandmother and worked at a general store after school. At thirteen years old, Joseph became an apprentace watchmaker. In 1819, Mr. Henry entered the Albany Acadamy, where he was given free tuition.

In 1915 Henry was included into the Hall of Fame for Great Americans in the Bronx. Bronze statutes of Henry and Isaac Newton represent science on the balustrade of the galleries of the Main Reading in the Thomas Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress. At Princeton, the Joseph Henry Labratories and the Joseph Henry House are named for him.

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His name was given to the standard electrical inot of inductive resistance, the "henry".


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12/17/1797 - Born in Albany, New York1826 - Appointed Prof. of Math and Natural Philosophy1831 - Created one of the first machines to use electromagnitism 1835 - Invented electromechanical June 1860 - Test flight with giant balloon05/13/1878 - Died in Wasington, D.C at eighty


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Joseph Henry


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