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Joseph Henry

Joseph Henry was born December 17, 1797 in Albany, NY to Scotish imigrants Ann and William Henry. His father, William Henry, died while Joseph was young. Being from a poor family he moved with his Grandmother in Galway, NY. Joseph was very intersted in magnetisim which lead him to his discoveries.


1797- Birth1810- Became Watchmaker1819- Enrolled Albany Acadamey1826- Became Professer at Albany Acadamey1832- Became Professer at New Jersey1846- Became Secratary of Smithsonian Institution1878- Died

Joseph Henry helped create the telegraph. Also, Joseph Henry made his own version of already discovered or invented electronics, such as, the electric motor and electromagntic self-induction.

Known For

Joseph Henry will always be remember by the the standard unit of electrical inductance was named after him.


Joseph Henry

Early Life


Joseph's Beam Motor

"Seeds of great discoveries are constantly floating around us, but they only take root in midns well prepared to recieve them."


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