Joseph Gay-Lussac

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Joseph Gay-Lussac

Joseph Gay-Lussac

Boron is used as a rocket fuel igniter. Boron is very important for the cell walls of plants. We consume about 2mg of boron each day from food, and about 60g in our life. Some boron compounds are being studied as a possible treatment for brain tumors.

Joseph indicated that different gases expand at the same rate when exposed to an increase in temperature at constant pressure. He was a co-discoverer of the element boron; the other person was Jean-Baptiste Biot.

Boron is a metalloid. It is a solid with an atomic weight of 10.81. Its melting point is 2075 *C and its boiling point is 3727 *C.

Discovery of boron

Joseph Gay-Lussac was born on December 6, 1850 in Saint-Leonard-de-Noblat, France. His parents were Antoine Gay-Lussac and Leonarde Bouriquet. He is the oldest of five children.

His dad was a public posecutor (like a police officer) and a judge advocate (like a lawyer). His dad got arrested for being a member of the bourgeous establishment in 1794, so he was sent to a boarding school

in Paris for three years. When Joseph got out of boarding school, he studied mathematics unitl he realized he love science. Claude-Louis Berthollet influence Joseph very much and took him under his wing.



Borons uses

The video to the right is a demonsration on how to make elemental boron.

Boron is in the graphite of pencils, which students use everyday.

The picture to the left (upper) is a picture of boron on the periodic table.

Boron made the fire green.


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