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Joseph Banks

In the past with Sir Joseph BanksBy: Jilian Bukics

Joseph Banks studied many different species of plants all over the world. His occupation was studying plants and he was a botanist.

Joseph Banks was not only a botanist he was also a british explorer who went to many continents around the globe.

Joseph Banks was born in London,United Kingdom on Feb. 13,1743 and died June 19, 1820 at age 77 and his death is a mystery.

Joseph Banks became very famous for how many plant specimens he had discovered and alot of the new plants were named after him.

I think more people should get involved. I know alot of people don't want to give up Saturday morning after working all week, but it's a good cause. - Joseph Banks

This is The University of Oxford which is the school that Joseph Banks went to.

This is a picture of Joseph Banks

Eton College is anoher school Joseph Banks went to.

Joseph Banks is sitting at his desk in London.


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