Joseph Ambler Inn

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Joseph Ambler Inn

Joseph Ambler InnJoseph Ambler InnJoseph Ambler Inn

Back then it was used as a big farmhouse.

1983 is when a 12-room farmhouse was bought by Richard Allman. It sat on 12 acres and he turned it into a bed and breakfast.

The land was originally owned by William Penn who Pennsylania was named after. Fifty acres were sold to William Morgan. Later, Joseph Ambler bought it.

In 1929 the Wright's family built a school on the land for their children.

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The Joseph Ambler Inn is a beautiful place. You can sleep, eat breakfast and have dinner at the JAI (The Joseph Ambler Inn).

1005 Horsham Road North Wales , PA 19454

Now, it has 52 luxury rooms as a bed and breakfast.


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