Josef Stalin

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Josef Stalin

Josef Stalin: The new leader of the Soviet Union.

Vladimir Lenin greatly influenced Josef Stalin. Lenin continuously encouraged people to fight against authority for what they believed in. When he passed, that gesture stuck.

After allying with Nazi Germany in the beginning of WWII, rumors spread that they were going to invade the Soviet Union. Stalin disregarded those rumors but they were, infact, true.

Stalin joined forces with the allies in order to defeat the axis after Nazi Germany violated their pact. Stalin then installed communist governments in most of Eastern Europe.

Stalin was known for instilling constant fear in his people. He never trusted anyone and that usually back fired. He also was know for causing the deaths of more people than Hitler.

Stalin's primary goal during the war was to claim all territories Germany took. By 1843, The Soviet Union occupied over half of those territories.

Although Stalin lost a lot of casualties throughout the war, his persistance to win the war led to the Soviet's victory. When Russian troops invaded Berlin-- in order to avoid being captured-- Hitler and his wife commited suicide. Soon after Germany's forces surrendered.

After Stalin's direction in the war, the Soviet Union became known as one of the world superpowers of the world. He was a strong leader that gained a lot of territory for his country.


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