Josef Mengele

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World War II

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Josef Mengele

Josef Mengele

Josef studied to become a doctor but later instead volunteered to go to Auschwitz to become part of experimentation on non - Aryans.

At the camp he was in chargeof "selection" and this is when hestarted picking out the weak Non -Aryan people (due to the stronger people being used for labor).for him to experiment on.

"The Angel Of Death"

The more we do to you , the less you seem to believe we are doing it. - Josef Mengele

Twins with Dr. Mengle

What caused Josef Mengele toBelieve it was acceptable toconduct these experiments?

Due to him being a part of the Anti-Semetic Nazi party, he believed it was acceptable to conduct horrible experiments on non - Aryans(Jews ,Polish, Gypsies , the disabled ,Homosexuals and many other races and religions) due to them not being "pure" Germans.

Some of his experiments included:-Blood transfusions in twins-Sex changes-injections of germs and dyes into childrens eyes-removal of organs and limbs

Most twins called him"Uncle Mengele" because he'd treated them with extra food ,candies, and other specialtreatments.

Mengele's Conjoined these Twins

Not only did they experiment on twins also the elderly , disabled, and pregnant women!

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After the war , he had a choice to stay in experiment or leave ... he left the camp and went into hiding until he died of a heart attack many years later.



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